Legend has it that an old prospector names Zeke made his fortune in the Big Alaskan Gold Strike of 1880. Like so many rugged adventurers he set out to strike it rich and enjoy a great new life of prosperity and happiness.

Prospectors were rough, tough people. They worked hard, endured hard ships and just like hard working people today, they knew how to enjoy good food.

Zeke was captivated by the hearty appetite of the rough, tough prospectors. “These guys could eat more than an army”, he once told his friends. Big flapjacks, scrambled eggs, hash browns potatoes and biscuits & gravy, not to mention pot after pot of hot, fresh-brewed coffee; sometime made over an open fire.

Zeke was so taken by the way these hearty men ate that he took part of his mining profits and opened a special “Eatin” Place. Naturally, he called it Zeke’s Place and with his mother’s recipe for sausage gravy he won the hearts of everyone in a hurry with his biscuits and gravy – and hot cakes… wow, bigger than a shovel and delicious too. He soon established a reputation that spread across the whole region.

Other breakfast features, like big slabs of ham, thick juicy steaks and his pot roast & corn bread, soon became that talk of the miners and prospectors everywhere. And Zeke’s place was friendly – a Good Ol’Boys’s Place with warmth and hospitality, always mixed with great food.

Well, Zeke’s original restaurant is gone. Historians who write about the gold rush days of Alaska sometimes allude to special “Eatin” Place meant to people. Many a claim was discussed over a big breakfast at Zeke’s.

Today, a long time since Zeke the prospector first staked his claim, the tradition of his restaurant lives on. Here at Zeke’s “Eatin” Place we still serve special big hot cakes, big slabs of ham, great steaks and biscuits & gravy that would make Zeke proud.

And of course our hospitality and friendliness still make Zeke’s Place a good place to enjoy a great meal.

We’re glad you’re here. And when you cut into that big hunk of ham, or taste your first bite of our delicious hot cakes remember… it all started a long time ago with Zeke the old prospector who struck it rich not just with gold but with good food and friendship.